Dowel positions

Console Table (Day 4)

Before I go into the days activities you might be wondering why this project is taking an age to finish and to be honest I maybe only really get to spend like 2-3 hours a day and maybe 4 days a week in the shop. Since this project is for my house and not a paying customer I am taking my time and that’s why I like doing projects for my house, as there is no time restraints on finishing it.

Two more thing that I have noticed with this project because of the dowel joinery I can’t seem to glue up and single part of the project as I need to reference components within the sections of the table eg the sides .. since I still need to use a leg to reference the dowels from that part into the upper stretcher 

Dowel joinery is not quick at least with the jig I am using  

Anyway today I accomplished the following:

  • Laid out the dowels for the side stretchers
  • Did a dry assembly on the 2 sides attached to the back and front stretchers  



Day 4: Console Table Build Pictures