Woodworking encompasses a great number of diverse activities, including
turning, woodcarving, marquetry, cabinetmaking and joinery, however, every
specialist craftsman or craftswoman has at some time mastered the
fundamentals of measuring and marking, dimensioning, assembling and finishing
– considered the basics of woodworking skills that are the core of any
woodworking calling.

The ability to think in three dimensions is needed to mark out the wood for a
project and to imagine how one component fits with another and in what order is
required of a woodworker. You will also need to know which tools will give the
best results, depending on the level of accuracy required and the properties of
the wood you are using.

There is no one right way to do anything in woodworking. The right way is the
way that works best for you and what works best is a balance between the time
something takes, the tools available, the pleasure you take in the process and
the quality of results you are looking for.