Sketch-Up Make is the free version of Sketch-Up Pro, its a 3D modeling software that allows you to make 3 dimensional images of whatever it is you are building.

I use this software to design concept, to figure out specific dimensions, figure out how each part of the project relates to each other and that way I can figure out what type of joinery is to be used. I also use Sketch-Up to make cutlist's and step by step building sequences, that way I don't get ahead of myself.

I have come across a few people who are intimidated by using such software thinking that its just too advanced or they do not have the skillset to master this software, but after all we are woodworkers or working with wood and what we don't know we research until we are confident enough to undertake. I first started using Sketch-Up 3 years ago and it took me a couple of weeks to start using the software as intended by practicing making models, looking at YouTube videos and buying books on the subject and although I am not a master at it, I know enough to get by.

I really enjoy using the software and I hope you try it out.

If you are interested in downloading Sketch-Up, I believe you can get it here. 3 years ago the product that I was using was called Sketch-Up Make. I think the company is moving away from a physical download and they are making the product a web based version. But please feel free to check it out below.


For a complete list of SketchUp  shortcuts click here for windows and click here for mac. Below are some of the shortcuts I most commonly use:

Ctrl = adds a copy command to the move and rotate commands
Q = rotate
R = rectangle
T = tape measure
D = dimension (this is a custom keyboard shortcut I set and is not included by default)
M = move
Space Bar = selection command
Triple Click = when triple clicking a piece of model space geometry it selects everything in model space that is connected to that item
Double Click On Component = enters component edit mode
G = Turns selected model space geometry into a component

H = Hide
U = Unhide all
D = Dimensiongraph here.


Below you can find a link of several publications that I have used for woodworking purposes, I am in no way affiliated with the publishers or authors of this content.