Console Table (Day 6)

So today I finally have what looks like a finished project but it isnt, you can see the form of the table and by the end of the day it will be a console table, structurally anyway.

Here is what I did today:

  • Sanded down the sides because the glue had set overnight and needed to be cleaned up, I contemplated routing a profile on the spindles, but decided against it because I like the clean lines of the tapered legs especially where they meet the top and bottom side stretchers.
  • Attached the bottom shelf cleats to the support the shelf, I positioned the cleats low enough so as that you would not seed the shelf's end grain as it sits flush with the bottom stretcher
  • Glued and clamped the front & back long stretchers, I am waiting for that to set overnight.

Here is what's left:

  • I'm actually thinking of adding an inlay to the solid oak top, I was looking at the table today in its natural form and thought to myself that its missing something, so I decided that I will add a border inlay into the top. It will look awesome and its something that I have never done before.
  • I also need to use my router to add a profile to the top, I'm thinking of adding a chamfer to the underside of the top and maybe adding either a chamfer to the top face of the board or a ogee profile
  • Sand the entire project
  • Add a finish, I might just go with a poly-acrylic