Console Table ( Day 5)

So today I finally arrived at the glue-up phase for the sides anyway.. below is what I accomplished 

  • finished layout on the dowels for the bottom stretchers to be mated into the bottom of all the legs
  • Did a final dry fit to figure out where best to put the clamps ( never have enough clamps) 
  • Finally glued up the left and right sides which encompassed the following parts
  1. attached all the spindles into the top and bottom stretchers on both the left and right sides  
  2. attached the center section of the sides (spindles and side stretchers ) into the front and back tapered legs
  • I am waiting for the glue to set and tomorrow I will be attaching the front and back wide front stretchers among other tasks 

I should have a some what competed project tomorrow and all I need to do is attach the bottom shelf clear supports and work on the oak top which I will be routing an ogee profile around the top