Scrap - Wood Storage Cart Build

As most woodworkers realize how impossible it is to keep your lumber supplies organized. Over the past 5 years I have created so many projects in my attempt to solve this dilemma and to be honest some of them worked for a while and others failed miserably.

At the present moment I have 3 units that I currently fit all my scrap lumber and sheet goods into and they take up a decent amount of room in the shop. So I decided to try and fit all my scrap wood and sheet goods into 1 unit and alleviate some of the space that my current set up is taking up.

I will be breaking this project into 3 sections and they are:

  • PHASE 1 : Building the Vertical Storage Unit

  • PHASE 2: Building the Central Storage Section

  • PHASE 3: The Base, Front & Cart Back

  • PHASE 4: Cart Assembly

Screenshot - 5_7_2019 , 8_16_52 PM.png



Like I usually do in big projects I break the project down into manageable parts and to the same degree I blog about each part in the same manner. Below is the sequence of events and activities I do to make the cart.

  • Research & Design

  • Materials Needed

  • Phase 1: Building the Vertical Storage Unit

  • Phase 2: Building the Central Storage Section

  • Phase 3: The Front, Back & Base

  • Phase 4: Assembling the Cart

This is what I will be making, on the left side of the cart is a vertical storage unit with 4 shelves, in the middle is a central storage area with 4 bins, on the back is a slot to store my sheet goods and in the front will be a shallow cubby to store my odds and ends.