Although I have 2 great workhorses in the shop I wanted to reinvent them or repurpose them to suit me more, when I built the first 2 workhorses about 3 years ago they were my workbench since then I have built a workbench and wanted a multi- height workhorse and I found this design here:

This link will lay out step by step how you build this ( with text and or detailed pictures), although I basically broke down my original workhorse I got about 80% of the wood I need I just needed to get some 2×2 and 1×4 and all the nuts and bolts and the dowels,

I really like this idea because I can make the workhorse fit all the different heights in my shop, ie the bench, original workhorse and my table saw possibly to use as an I feed/out feed table…




s you can probable tell I’ve been in a workshop cleanup reorg mode the last couple of weeks and I decided next on the list was to make some new workhorses.

If you remember last year I made a height adjustable set of horses and they are great but they take up slot of room.. I’m still going to keep them but I’m going to break it down and store it .

These workhorse I found on and they are pretty easy to make if you would like the plans they can be found here

Materials needed:

  • 1×6x8(top)
  • 2×4x12 (2)
  • 2×4x8 (1)
  • 4×4x3/4 plywood I used scrap material I had lying around
  • 8 butt hinges

I hope it gives people some ideas, I would give step by step but there included in the green link