I saw this idea on Pinterest and I figured it was a great way of organizing screw boxes.. I adapted the design to my screw box size.

It’s basically a 11”x 21.5” x 3/4” plywood stock I had lying around the shop ..

I placed a series of dados every 2” . Then cut 2 sides at 2.25” for the sides and 6.5” for the back.. Screwed the sides to the back creating a 3 sided box.. I used 1/8” hardboard as shelves for the boxes to sit on..

I created 2 of these and I’ll use the other one for nails..

Screwed the unit to the sides of some cabinets and done..

I like this design because you can make it as long or as wide as need be..

This is a link to the plans although I didn’t buy these I just altered the dimensions to fit my space.