Well I have finally finished this project and I have to say it looks awesome .

I was waiting on the Kreg precision router table and fence

And they are awesome, I love the way they mimicked a table saw fence in that it is built around a track that keeps it squared to the miter slot and bit.

I installed my 2HP Craftsman router and I love the fact that I could drill my own holes to allow me access to the height adjustment on the router and I can also change bits easily from over the table

All and all this project did set me back a chunk of change but it will be a table and tool that I will have for a very long time ..

If you want details of the build please visit the blog. I did a lot of research on what I wanted in my new router table since the first one I made including the top and fence were all shop built.

I didn’t need a ton of bit storage as I made wall mounted router cabinet to store the endless accessories that come with this tool, you can see it here….

I created a blog detailing this project and you can find the blog below




I have been working on my workshop bucket list and it was time to build a wall mounted cabinet for my growing router bit and accessories collection… I will be upgrading my router cabinet in the new year but right now I am working on trying to centralize all my tools into there respective homes.

I got the inspiration for this project on the Wordsmith shop where they designed a cabinet that also had a drop down table as you see below.. but to be honest I have no need for the drop down table so I came up with my own design…

You can see my Sketchup models that I used to design the cabinet on the right

I got inspiration for this project from Woodsmith Plans. 


My First Router Table, Cabinet & fence


This was my first router cabinet that I made from scratch, there are that many pictures I have shown them above. But if you would like to see more detailed descriptions of the project I made the following stages or parts of the project.