deck gate : additional information

I decided to make a gate so as that to keep my 2 year old son contained on the deck.

It’s a very simple design made with the following materials from Home Depot:

  • 2×4 weather shield lumber
  • 2×2 spindles cut to size
  • Pocket hole jig
  • 4×4 SPF pine
  • A gate kit that included all the hardware needed to hang the gate….

My first obstacle to overcome was to make flush sides to place the hinges and door closer because my existing deck posts were positioned on a corner and they were placed corner first I overcame this obstacle by cutting a V-Groove into the post on my table saw.

2: I used my chop saw to miter cut 45 degree angles into my 2×4…
3: I used my Kreg pocket hole jig to join all the frame parts together
4. I cut my spindles to size and bore holes into the top and bottom to position the screws which will be hidden beneath the surface. Used 3 3/4” spacers to make sure all the spindles were uniformed

5. I attached the 2 hinges and door closer and that’s it..

Hope you like it