I made a lumber lumber storage unit for 1/4 sheet stock ( 2’x4’) and a few tiered boxes to put some dimensional lumber in.. Well it turned out that this was not the best possible solution as the little bins..turned out to be dumping ground as you can see in the slideshow above

So needless to say I needed to rethink my options and I found this cool idea .. Whose concept belongs to the Rogue Engineer .. The plans are here

I have included the plans from Rogue Engineer below


scrap lumber cart



So after enough hints from people that I need to have a better storage system in place to store my lumber scrap I decided to design and build my own little mobile scrap cart.

It’s a very basic design using 3/4” plywood and 3/4” MDF and I used my trusty Kreg K4 pocket hole jig to assemble everything together.

I built the unit to fit in a specific space in my wood shop and the dimensions are 48” Wide x 24” deep x 24”


Shopping List:

  • (Qty1) 4’x8’ sheet of 3/4” plywood ( base and 3 separating panels)
  • ( Qty 1) 2’x2’ plywood ( Back)
  • 1 2’x4’ of 3/4” MDF ( Cubby dividers)
  • pocket Hole Screws
  • glue
  • castors


Helpful Hint:
Because I was building this alone I need a system to keep the side pieces at right angles to the back and as always my clamps are my 3rd hand so I came across this method online..  (Right hand side picture


It’s basically a 10” piece of scrap cut at 45° at each end and then straight cut (90°) in the middle ( used pocket screws to connect, but you can use whatever method you want)