I  bought this dovetail jig from Porter Cable as I have always loved this joint and I cant quite master the hand cut joint yet, in the mean time I thought this jig would help me with various different joints, although this is the basic jig that came with 1 template that can cut half blind and rabbiting half blind dovetails, I can see myself getting the other templates that would enable me to cut through dovetails and box joints.

Anyway I needed a station that made the jig moveable and also made the jig at a comfortable height to work with so I came up with this.

Its basically a platform box with 2 drawers that I can keep all the tools and accessories that came with the jig.

I tried a test piece and this jig works awesome, at some point I will right a review and also show some projects with dovetail joints.

The entire project is made from scrap and its about 30” wide by 9” high, it contains 2 drawers that will house some of the jigs accessories.