My better half asked me to build a gate or partition beside the shed to hide/conceal the god awful mess back there .. Not our doing …

Materials Needed:

  • Fence Picket (72” tall) I used 5 to cover the span of the gap.. ( I got mine at Lowes for $1.85 each
  • (3) 2×4 pressure treated.. These will be for the braces to complete a “Z” style..
  • (1) box of 1 5/8” exterior grade screws
  • (1) door lock

The build is pretty simple except I got bogged down cutting the angles for the middle brace..

Step 1: (optional) chamfer all abutting sides of picket fence to define each piece of wood in the door.. It creates a “V” shaped notch
Step2:Lay all fence picket flat (front side down ) and clamp them all together so that you can get the measurement for the cross braces
Step 3: measure 18” from top and bottom of pickets so as that your braces are level and then pre-drill and countersunk all holes in the braces. Clamp the 2 horizontal braces doen and screw 2 screws into each picket (per brace) nice and sturdy

NOTE: be care not to predrill all the way so as they the screws don’t come through the front face of the door.

Step 4: cut the final brace to complete the Z shape ( I think my angle was like 37° and again predrill and countersunk holes and place screws to attach it to the door

That’s the build basically done

Next I sanded the whole door down with 150,100, 60 grit paper.

Attach the hinges to the 2 horizontal braces and screw then to some kind of frame ..

Because I was attaching my gate to a shed side I basically screwed a 2×4 to the shed and attached the gate hinge to thickness side of the lumber and not the face…

All done.. I’m not painting it but you could finish it with what ever finish you desire ..