Storage Cabinet (2/2016)

It’s a very basic free standing unit it’s put together with rabbits and dado to connect the shelves and back board pieces

  •  It’s made from 3/4” sanded plywood, I got this entire project out 3/4 of a sheet.
  • The overall dimensions are 30” high x 30” wide x 10” deep.
  • The sides are dado to receive the shelves and the back has a rabbit cut into each side to receive the back panel pieces.
  • The back panel pieces are each 5” wide and I cut mating rabbits so they interlock so as that I can screw them into the frame.
  • I incorporated 2 shelves for the drill batteries and accessories.
  • I put a little platform in the bottom for the Chargers to sit and drilled holes out the back so as that I can run the cords to the power strip hanging at the right side.
  • The tool holders are a series of dado joints secured by glue and screw so as that the drills and tools can sit on the wings.. The slot is 1.5” wide.

I need to anchor the unit to the top of my mitre saw station and finish it with probably poly.

Finally I added a 3/4” solid wood face frame to pretty it up and also hide some of the tablesaw burn marks on the ply..

All in all I’m very happy with how this came out and I hope you give this project a try.. It can house a lot of cordless equipment and places to store them protecting them and in the long term increasing the longevity of your tools