I was so fed up with tripping over various styles of clamps and although I have a few types of clamps I don’t have enough if I have 15…

So because my workshop is on the basement I have walls off nothing but concrete walls so before I could figure out what storage method to use for the actual clamps I needed to build a basic panel and mount it to the wall, and that’s when I found a Ramset basic model ( you hit it with a hammer)my brother in law uses and it’s great I mounted a 60”sq panel consisting of 3/4” ply and some Masonite all mounted to the wall using 2×4s and screws and the Ramset fasteners …

I made the panel larger than I need but I expect my clamp collection to expand and I might also hang a few other things on it to ..

Now I can start sorting out my clamps… Next project F clamp holders..



So now that I have built my wall mounted panel I can start with the projects that I can store my various clamps onto it..

First up is my F Style Bar Clamp:

It’s basically a L frame ..

  • Step 1The top shelf is 4.5” deep by 24” long.. I start by ripping a 3/4” plywood panel
  • Step 2. I used my brand new dado stack and cut a 3/4” rabbit in the underside of the panel
  • Step 3. Next I need to cut 1/4” cuts so as that the bar from the clamp can slide in and the clamping pads sit on the top side of the panel. ( I spaced the slots about every 3/4” apart. This took a little while as I was unable to figure out a way to repeat the cut without have to move the stop block on my miter fence
  • Step 4. I cut the panel that will be used to mount it to the wall (4.25”) wide by 24” long
  • Step 5. Cut the corner braces for each end to add the extra support
  • Step 6. Glue and screw the back panel into the rabbit, and next glue and screw the corner braces to the under side of the upper shelf

All that’s left is pre-drill the back panel so I can screw it into the wall




I invested in some 40” Bessey Clamps and they were still in the box because I had no where to put them .. I don’t imagine me owning too many of these clamps as they are so expensive but what I do own (2 right now ) I want to take really good care of these.

So I built this little unit to contain them and some of there accessories that I might buy in the future ..

The dimensions is 24” wide x 6” deep x 15” high..

It’s made from some leftover 3/4” sanded plywood they I had left around from my drill holder unit ..

It’s basically a left & right sides with a rabbited top and 1 through dado and 1 stopped dado in each side..

I made the fingers out 3/4” plywood and placed ( i used a 3/8” drill bit and then a hand saw to cut the fingers out)a 3” wide solid support under the fingers to re-in force and then placed 3 little 2×3 supports under the clamp resting shelf to give it some rigidity ..

This unit only holds 10 clamps and like I said if I even own that I would consider myself lucky…

There great clamps especially on wide board glue ups.. I’ll get some smaller ones I don’t think I’ll need any longer ones than the 40”..

I hope you like it and it was a fun build