So I saw this really cool sandpit online @ that I really wanted to make for my 3 year old son, what I really like is that there are 2 bench style seats that when he is done playing with it fold away to become an entire cover for the pit that keep big creatures away from the sand , last thing I need is to be cleaning turds from various creatures out of, the only draw back I can see is that it will not keep out all the elements so I will probably throw a tarp over it when the wet and snow season. There is no social joinery on this its all but joint but I did put dowels to cover all screw holes and flush cut the dowels

Anyway materials needed for this project:( all wood in this project is pressure treated, suitable for ground contact)

(2) 2×8x8( although what I saw online was 1×8, but that wasn’t available and I had to alter the plans ever so much).

(2) 2×4x8

(6) 1×4x8

(8) butt hinges

(4) door pulls

These are some sketchup plans that are very close to the finished project the only thing I added was 2 center braces in the middle of the cover which when rotated forms more support for the back of the seat.