2 Seater Bench: Additional Info

I started this project because I needed to something to do and I didn’t have a tone of money and I had a lot of pressure treated and cedar lying around so I found this design online and decided it would be a great addition to the back yard especially where I do all my summertime grilling..

Materials Needed:
(6) 2×4x8’ Pressure Treated lumber ( I used this for the frame)
(5) 1×4x8’ Cedar (I used this for the visible parts of the bench such as the seat slats, back slats, table slats and arm rests.
(1) 1×6x8’ Cedar (this is for the table slats

It basically goes together with a combination of 2.5’” & 1 1/4” screws and exterior wood glue.

All these pictures are before I apply the finish and I think I’m gonna slap some Spar Urethane on it just to give it that extra protection from all the elements as it will be outside all year long.