Console Table (Day 3)

Tapered Leg Fix

Tapered Leg Fix

So today I started the dowel joinery on the legs and wide front and back stretchers . 

To be honest the dowel joinery is taking me longer than expected especially when measuring where to place the dowel holes and aligning them to their mating pieces in today’s case the wide stretchers  .

So all I got done today was the front and back sections of the table below you can see some pictures of today’s activities.

One last thing , yesterday I tapered the legs so trying to secure the legs on my bench was cumbersome but I remember seeing online a trick that basically putting the offcut beside the tapered component thus making all the edges 90° to each other made securing the legs on the bench a lot easier when laying out my 3/8” dowel marking that you can see in some of the picture slideshow.